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Consumer Protection

Consumers should be able to trust the businesses they choose to deal with. From simple product purchases to buying a car to engaging complex professional services, the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act (sometimes referred to as “Chapter 93A”) protects consumers from fraud, deception, and other unfair business practices. In some cases, you may even be entitled to three times your damages from a business which has acted unfairly or deceptively to your detriment. Additionally, this Massachusetts law recognizes the financial difficulty a consumer may face in order to pursue these types of consumer protection claims and provides that a successful consumer can recover his reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs. Therefore, if you have been wronged in a consumer transaction, you should be encouraged to obtain legal representation from experienced consumer protection attorneys.

Egan, Flanagan & Cohen’s attorneys have successfully represented clients in a myriad of consumer protection matters, including claims against:

  • Car dealers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Home Contractors and Builders
  • Restaurants
  • Home Fuel Companies
  • Sellers and Lessors of Real Estate
  • Food Manufacturers
  • HVAC Companies
  • Law Firms
  • Gasoline Stations
  • Beauty Schools
  • Investment Advisory Companies
  • Architectural Firms
  • Appliance Stores,
  • Gyms
  • Local and National Banks and more.

Egan, Flanagan & Cohen has recovered Millions of Dollars for its clients in Massachusetts Consumer Protection Chapter 93A Actions.

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