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Massachusetts OUI (drunk driving) and the legal process

Drunk driving (operating under the influence or "OUI") is a serious offense that can have lasting effects on your criminal record and ability to drive in Massachusetts.
expensive and damaging results of having an OUI on your record.  However…ould you or a loved one ever be charged with OUI most essential evidence for a Massachusetts OUI is a driver https://www.eganflanagan.com/blog/oui/

Mass. Legislature has Opportunity to Restore VALOR Act Protections for Veterans Struggling with Substance Abuse

The Legislature should restore the previous state of the law and the legislative intent underlying the Valor Act's intended broad diversion eligibility for qualifying veterans.
OUI first offense OUI.  Under current law…offense OUI are still eligible for diversion. Veteran ad… the Court held that VALOR diversion for an OUI offense was permitted under a comprehensive https://www.eganflanagan.com/blog/valor/

Michael G. McDonough

Michael is part of our litigation team where he now utilizes his rich trial advocacy background to serve clients in both civil and criminal litigation.
erior and District Court Domestic Violence OUI https://www.eganflanagan.com/our-attorneys/michael-g-mcdonough/

Criminal Defense

Our practice encompasses both white-collar criminal defense and internal investigations conducted on behalf of corporate clients in the face of federal or state grand jury proceedings.
Internet Crime OUI https://www.eganflanagan.com/practice-areas/criminal-defense/

Lauren F. Olanoff

Lauren has a simple answer when asked about the value of hiring a local firm over a big-city law firm. “I believe that local clients are best served by local lawyers, who understand the ins and outs of the local legal landscape and are familiar with the j…
ission at trial breathalyzer test results in OUI https://www.eganflanagan.com/our-attorneys/lauren-olanoff/