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Civil Litigation

Egan, Flanagan & Cohen’s litigators have unmatched courtroom experience and expertise in civil trials. Among them, they have tried hundreds of cases to verdict in state and federal courts.

Over the past years our attorneys have frequently obtained the largest verdicts in Western Massachusetts in areas such as wrongful death, shareholder disputes, eminent domain, employment discrimination, and personal injury.

In 2019, the firm recovered a $9 million award at trial on behalf of a western Massachusetts business that was wrongfully being taken advantage of by a company in eastern Massachusetts.

In 2018, the firm won an appeal of a 2015 trial in which the firm won one of the largest wrongful death jury awards in the history of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The jury award from 2015 was in excess of $32 million.

In 2014, the firm recovered a $50.3 million arbitration award in a property damage and insurance coverage dispute.

Egan, Flanagan & Cohen’s attorneys have also repeatedly successfully defended the firm’s business and institutional clients in civil and criminal matters, often resulting in the dismissal of the case altogether before trial or defense verdicts after trial.

Although at times a negotiated settlement may be the best solution to a particular matter, our experienced litigators are prepared to fight hard to vindicate a client who has been wronged or unfairly accused. Our successes and experience in the courtroom often provides us leverage in the negotiating room.

Labor & Employment Law

Our Labor and Employment Law attorneys expertly assist employers with all aspects of the employment relationship.

Our services include: drafting and consulting on the application process and offer letters; drafting and revising handbooks and policies; data privacy compliance; personnel file management; drafting non-compete, non-solicitation and confidentiality agreements; advising on wage and hour issues; conducting internal investigations; advising on discipline and termination decisions; navigating reasonable accommodation, FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act), Workers’ Compensation, leave requests and related issues; conducting workplace training for managers and employees; and negotiating severance agreements. We also counsel and represent employers undergoing wage and hour or other employment audits by the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office or the U.S. Department of Labor.

In the unfortunate circumstance that litigation results from the employment relationship, we vigorously defend employers against all employment-related claims at both state and federal agencies, such as the EEOC and MCAD, as well as in all Massachusetts state and federal courts.

For the unionized workplace, our attorneys are also experienced in labor relations matters, including negotiation of collective bargaining agreements; impact bargaining; interpretation and compliance with contract obligations; interpretation and compliance with the National Labor Relations Act; and prosecution and defense of interest and discipline arbitrations.

Occasionally, our attorneys represent select high-level professionals in connection with: offers of employment/employment agreements; negotiation and advice on non-compete agreements and other restrictive covenants; representation before licensing boards; and negotiation of severance agreements. We will also prosecute meritorious individual discrimination claims on a contingent fee basis.

Medical Malpractice

Egan, Flanagan & Cohen’s attorneys are experienced in both prosecuting and defending medical malpractice claims. These are some of the most complex law-suits and require attorneys with a careful attention to detail and ability to understand and incorporate medical standards into the strategy of a legal case.

Our attorneys are familiar and skilled at successfully handling medical malpractice cases from the initial medical file review, to the “60L” presentment letter, tribunal, discovery and expert phases, and right on through trial to a jury. We enjoy reviewing and taking on medical malpractice cases whether it be to prosecute a meritorious claim of malpractice on behalf of an underserved patient or to defend a physician who met the standard of care.

Wrongful Death

At Egan, Flanagan & Cohen we are proud to have a robust probate department in addition to our award-winning litigation department. The marriage of these two practice areas makes our firm uniquely prepared to assist in the unfortunate circumstances of a wrongful death claim. If you or someone you know has lost someone due to the negligence or recklessness of another, the decedent’s estate has the ability to recover for the claims that he or she would be able to pursue had that person survived. This requires an experienced attorney who can create the estate and get the personal representative appointed.

At Egan, Flanagan & Cohen, we frequently work with experts in pursuit of wrongful death claims, such as experts on negligence, causation, and lost earning power or financial effect on the loss of the family’s loved one.

In 2018, the firm won an appeal of a 2015 trial in which the firm won one of the largest wrongful death jury awards in the history of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The jury award from 2015 was in excess of $32 million to compensate the husband and daughter of a woman killed by a motor vehicle accident at a poorly designed convenience store parking lot. This case is just one of the many that Egan, Flanagan & Cohen has successfully pursued on behalf of grieving families. We are always willing to speak to families about whether their loved one’s estate may have a claim for wrongful death.

Personal Injury

Our firm’s expertise in civil litigation makes us the right firm to contact to assist with any personal injury claim. Whether it is a simple slip and fall, a complex medical malpractice fact pattern, or a tragic wrongful death claim, we are ready and able to advise on any circumstances in which legal representation is necessary.

We are happy to offer to our clients a diverse and talented group of litigators who can assist with any civil litigation matter. What makes Egan, Flanagan & Cohen truly unique is our ability to succeed on both sides of civil litigation whether on behalf of an individual plaintiff suffering an injury, defending an individual or corporation being sued for alleged wrongdoing, or a business in a contract dispute. Our experience on both sides of the cases as plaintiff or defendant enables us to read and assess what the other side might do, which benefit is always passed on to our client. We enjoy and excel at strategizing and seeing a case from investigation to jury verdict, and we remain ever ready to review a potential case with any potential client, individual, or organization.

The best representation for a century.

As we look toward our second century of working for our clients in Western Massachusetts, we’re proud to provide individuals and businesses the accessibility, integrity, and dedication you expect in a great law firm.