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This past November marked the 93rd anniversary of the firm started by my father, James F. Egan, when he opened a small law office in Springfield’s Court Square. He probably never envisioned that the firm would grow and develop and become part of the region’s fabric for close to a century.

And he certainly could never have imagined a landscape that now includes the Internet, email, websites…. and blogs. But time marches on and our firm is proud to utilize this new technology to tell our story, introduce you to the talented lawyers who make up our practice, and provide a platform to share timely perspectives on relevant issues of the law.

So, that’s what this blog is all about. On a regular basis our lawyers will offer their perspectives in this space, providing readers information that will help them understand a wide range of legal issues.

While we have long considered ourselves “the quiet law firm” we are no strangers to high-profile cases. Recently, on behalf of Cathedral High School and the Catholic Diocese of Springfield, we challenged the school’s insurance carrier who wanted to pay $10 million to rebuild the tornado-ravaged high school. And while we prevailed in securing the $51.5 million needed to rebuild the school, the tedious staff work behind the scenes preparing for 26 days of hearings and 15 expert witnesses, and reviewing thousands of pages of documents, was the real untold story.

Where appropriate, we will tell the untold story in a way that enlightens about the law. Others in our firm will share their experience in matters ranging from litigation to real estate, employment law, estate planning, criminal law, military law and even emerging areas such as cybersecurity. The goal will be to inform and help our readers understand the law in a practical and meaningful way.

We hope you take a look at our new website and check in to read our blog from time to time. While times have certainly changed since James Egan started the firm, we think he would appreciate the new ways we are communicating to inform and enlighten about the arena he loved.

And we won’t be afraid to opine about legal issues of public interest—some that aren’t in the news and some that are.

Jack Egan

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